Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Post #106 Soupy Tuesday Tales: Haunted Soup

Haunted soup (better known as split pea soup) was the first soup I made (and the premiere of this segment).

What you'll need:
3 carrots chopped (coupé en rondelles)
2 potatoes chopped
1 lb bag of split peas
1 quart of veggie broth
1/4 red onion (feel free to cut it if you want; I didn't)
2-4 teeth of garlic (chop 'em if you want; I didn't)
Water- if the broth doesn't cover the ingredients, feel free to add the water until the other ingredients are covered.
Oregano (add as you see fit)
Black pepper (add as you see fit)
A pot (duh!)

Set on high or 8-9 after it reaches a boil. Do this for 45 minutes. Stir throughout the 45 minutes. Also, feel free to employ the tactic of "stick mashing." Stick mashing (apart from being ripped from the Conan O'Brien 1864 baseball segment) is the act of taking a whisk and lightly smashing the ingredients in the pot. For me it helps give the soup a less choppy feel. After 45 minutes or so, test it and see how you like it.

For me, the peas weren't soft enough. So if you find this to be the case, keep it cooking for another five or ten minutes.

As for why it's called "Haunted Soup," I let it simmer in a ceramic container and forgot to put in the fridge before bed. However, I was adamant that it was still perfectly fine to eat. I told someone that I was sure it wasn't poisonous or haunted or anything. I tested fate and ate it for lunch the next two days. My stomach was fine. As a matter of fact, my productivity shot through the roof almost immediately after eating it.

Also, before eating this, you must shout the words HAUNTED SOUP in order to commemorate the occasion. 

Post #105: You Can Call it a Comeback!

Yes it's true. After more than a year of not posting a damn word, I am back in this corner of the blogosphere with something resembling a fervent will to create. A lot has happened and changed and so on and so forth, but I am back here with insights on vegan food and other related topics. There will be 1-3 new posts per week, but at the same time there is NO guarantee. One thing I can promise is a new post within the hour! 


Sunday, September 30, 2012

Post #104: The Champagne Moment of Chicago VeganMania

Context: I chose to wear my “THIS IS WHAT A VEGAN LOOKS LIKE” tee shirt that I bought from the incomparable Sarah Kramer’s online store. It was sometime after 3pm. I was bumming around in the food court in typical fashion when a boy (aged somewhere between 4 and 7) approached me. 
He said, “I like you shirt, but I disagree. I’m a vegan, and this is what I look like.”
My response: “TouchĂ©.”
It took a lot of guts to approach a complete stranger out of the blue like that. That kid has all of my respect. 
For those of you that are curious, here is the link to Sarah Kramer’s online store: http://store.govegan.net/

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Post #103: Sizzle Pie NW PORTLAND

Caught in a mindset brought upon by matchday madness, my food desires were deep, simple, and in some respects explained part of the meaning of my menial existence. For those of you who didn't understand that dirge, it just meant that I was craving vegan pizza. I went for the Sizzle Pie location in the Pearl District on West Burnside.

With 2 vegan options "by the slice," I went for 2 slices of the Drugs Benedict: "shallot and white bean cheese sauce, rosemary tofu scramble, and hash browns on whole wheat crust.

I noticed there were some vegan sausage bits that were sprinkled on the pizza proportionately to the other toppings. The scramble was delicious and combined well with the sauce. The hash browns provided for a nice switch of pace in terms of texture, as did the sausage bits. The wheat crust was a far cry softer than any vegan pizza crust I had ever had. These 2 slices of greasy, brunchy goodness were all I needed to get through the rest of the afternoon and early evening.

I mean, look at how much was left before I realized that a photo op was necessary. This is what happens when good pizza and predatory instincts meet one another.

Rating: 2.5 Pies

The address for this Sizzle Pie location is 926 West Burnside.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Post #102: FlavourSpot PORTLAND

I made the journey up to Fremont & Albina to visit Flavour Spot home of the waffle sandwich. One of the waffle sandwich options is vegan sausage with 100% pure organic maple spread. I managed to get my hands on the last one of the weekend.

The waffle was perfect in terms of texture. The maple butter was sticky and sweet. It complemented the sausage in such a way that it made the sandwich taste like a maple sausage sandwich. The sausage had its own spice, which only added to the overall taste. This combination was so simple, yet so delicious.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Post #101: Hungry Tiger Too PORTLAND

Fresh off the flying machine and the MAX rail, I sought out a late night meal for my first food experience in Portland. I walked a mile and a half (there are buses that you can take, trust me) across Burnside and down a few blocks to Hungry Tiger Too. Upon request, I received the late night menu. The Tofuffalo Wings piqued my interest; I ordered two baskets. One spicy and one sweet.

They cooked the shit out of the tofu. It was nice and crispy. The spicy ones are the most authentic buffalo wings I've ever had. This is what a real buffalo wing tastes like. Hot, spicy, and mouthwatering. The sweet ones had a sweet tomatoesque flavor to them. These wings definitely hit the spot in terms of a quality late night food fix.

Rating: 2 Pies.

Hungry Tiger Too is located at 207 SE 12th Street in Portland, Oregon.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Post #100: Chicago Diner Brunch-ginity GONE

For my century mark post, I thought it would only be appropriate to make the post about the place that first exposed me to the awesomeness of cruelty-free eating: the Chicago Diner. Of all the times I've been to the diner (and trust me I've lost count), I have never had a single bite from their brunch menu. This all changed in one afternoon. I went there with nothing but brunch on my mind. I ordered the Breakfast Bowl: potato hash topped with tofu, seitan sausage, biscuit & country gravy.

The biscuit was flaky and fantastic, and tasted even better when the gravy was added to the mix. The tofu was strangely yellow, but simultaneously wonderful. It combined well with the sausage, which had a nice little spice to it. The bottom layer of potato hash was worth the dig. I felt like I was tossing hay and entertaining my palette with each swift motion of the fork. This experience was nothing short of incredible.

Brunch at the Chicago Diner was well worth the wait.

Rating: 3 Magpies

PS- There will be video footage of me eating this meal on the Harmless Hunter facebook page.

If you don't "like" the page, you probably should. Here. I'll even give you the link!